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This is just the begining...

We are just getting started. We will be posting more and more trainings all the time so feel free to continue to check back for other courses.

About Sanner IT Training
Providing professional development is definitely a passion of mine. I have been providing PD for years. Many of you might already know me or have been to one of my trainings. The idea behind Sanner IT Training is to be able to provide people with a place to receive professional development from anywhere at anytime (even in your PJs.) As well as a place to track professional development hours.
Emily Sanner

Getting Started With Rocketbook

This course introduces you to Rocketbook and some of it's many uses.
Coming Soon
Getting Started with Google Classroom
Coming soon
Getting Started with
Getting Started with

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Online Workshops

These online workshops will be set for certain dates and times.  You can join at any time during the workshop to work with others or to ask questions and get help from Sanner IT Training.  It is a great way to collaborate as well as working on actual materials from what you have learned.